Sticks and String


Incoming UFO (unfinished objects) and FO ‘s (finished objects)

Currently working on more knitted and crocheted objects than I can keep track of. Uploading pics of holiday knitting soon, along with a step by step (with lots of pictures) guide to making katamari hats.

Also working on a totoro for 😀


Attack of the rainbow themed objects?!

Finished rainbow hoodie scarf. Very easy pattern, just two scarves with a square in the middle.

So easy I think I’ll make this for xmas gifts… good for men also.  (The colours are more accurate of the scarf in the previous post)

Pics of the rainbow madness to be added shortly! (once the sun comes up and I’ve had my caffeine intake) 😉

template for hoodie scarf

Rainbow hoodie scarf

Rainbow Madness....better known as clown vomit!

Dyke March 2010