Sticks and String

Twinkleberry socks

Started new socks…. with acrylic yarn of all yarns!

A lot of knitters despise acrylic because of it’s cheapness( both in feel and price), and it’s non stretchyness. Also it does feel “plasticky” on the needles.

However most of my socks, or at least my first ones, are made of acrylic. I find it’s easier to care for (who wants to handwash?!) and goes through wear and tear.

Still scared to wear my “good” socks… “blackrose socks” because the yarn was $20 and I’m a tad worried it would wear through. (Other knitters have reported this… darn wool)

….So on to the new socks! “Twinkleberry” by Beth LaPensee.

Using acrylic to experiment on feel and how this pattern works out…

My progress so far:

I’m not sure if the cables (the stitches that look like braids) are showing clearly… I’ll have to wait until its almost done to see how the pattern looks properly stretched out on feet.

This is how the finished socks are supposed to look.


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