Sticks and String


Incoming UFO (unfinished objects) and FO ‘s (finished objects)

Currently working on more knitted and crocheted objects than I can keep track of. Uploading pics of holiday knitting soon, along with a step by step (with lots of pictures) guide to making katamari hats.

Also working on a totoro for 😀


Cheap knitting travel container

Had a recent knitting genius moment!

Took a clear plastic container and modified it into a knitting bag/purse….container thingy.

Because it’s plastic it will keep the yarn from getting wet/safe during travel. And clear plastic shows off the yarn, and I suppose if you threw a few knitting oddities you could display them also. (funky stitch markers?) You could colour designs on the plastic or get a different container… I’m thinking a nalgene would be good to modify. I wanted to make this for a while, stuffing yarn in my bag and trying to work from it wasn’t very appealing…and a tad tricky.

I used a sqrew on top plastic container, thought it would be easier to change yarns and such. Also I found one that fits the length of my DPN’s so I can stuff them in the container too. Again, clear plastic shows off your work, but any container really will do.

Make sure the lid is “soft” enough to cut into with an exacto knife or scissors. I tried to file the edges, but the opening was just a teeny bit too small. So I put a small amount of tape around the opening. This makes sure the yarn can glide smoothly while your working.

Because it’s a slit cut into the side you can easily change yarns and projects easily, without cutting and joining or anything really. Just lift off the top and replace you old project with new, thread the yarn through the slit, and replace the top. I’ve used other bags with a hole for the yarn thread through, and it really peeved me to have to cut and join in the middle of a project.

The hole in the top of the container tid is for a strap thread through. If your container still fits snugly after cutting the yarn thread through slot you can use this hole for joining your strap to the bag. I found my closure strength to be less than preferable, so I threaded my strap around the bag. A top threaded strap would look better though, and probably “hold” the bag better at your side.

The container I picked had a lip around the top, so I attached yarn and had the base of the straps coming up from opposite sides. You could use any strap or attachment you like..

And viola! Your very own protective waterproof knitting bag. And it cost only a buck or two and 10 minutes of preparation. Take that! nasty evil backpack! 😀

Katamari Hat Pattern

Finally got around to writing the pattern down for the Katamari hats~

Have been making these for a few years. They work well with solid colours, contrasting, and even varigated yarns. Also uses up a lot of scraps (and maybe colours you don’t want) hanging around.

I like them especially for the Canadian Winter (yes..that’s a capital W) it feels like having protective earwarmers. I made it aviator style so you can wrap your favorite scarf easily, I tend to go the rainbow route 😉

CLICK HERE: —–>Katamari Hat Crochet V2

Inspired by the video game “Katamari Damacy”

These are relatively easy to make, take about 3-6 hours depending on your speed/skill, and earn  A LOT of compliments!

…not to mention a few odd looks.. O__0

The first spike! for hat #2

Twinkleberry socks

Started new socks…. with acrylic yarn of all yarns!

A lot of knitters despise acrylic because of it’s cheapness( both in feel and price), and it’s non stretchyness. Also it does feel “plasticky” on the needles.

However most of my socks, or at least my first ones, are made of acrylic. I find it’s easier to care for (who wants to handwash?!) and goes through wear and tear.

Still scared to wear my “good” socks… “blackrose socks” because the yarn was $20 and I’m a tad worried it would wear through. (Other knitters have reported this… darn wool)

….So on to the new socks! “Twinkleberry” by Beth LaPensee.

Using acrylic to experiment on feel and how this pattern works out…

My progress so far:

I’m not sure if the cables (the stitches that look like braids) are showing clearly… I’ll have to wait until its almost done to see how the pattern looks properly stretched out on feet.

This is how the finished socks are supposed to look.

Attack of the rainbow themed objects?!

Finished rainbow hoodie scarf. Very easy pattern, just two scarves with a square in the middle.

So easy I think I’ll make this for xmas gifts… good for men also.  (The colours are more accurate of the scarf in the previous post)

Pics of the rainbow madness to be added shortly! (once the sun comes up and I’ve had my caffeine intake) 😉

template for hoodie scarf

Rainbow hoodie scarf

Rainbow Madness....better known as clown vomit!

Dyke March 2010

Rainbow hoodie scarf

Making a rainbow version of the “hoodie scarf” by Diana Gates.

So far going along nicely, I’m going to cable more often! 😉